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Chicago Fur Mart Is One Of The Largest Wholesale Distributors Of Fine Furs In The Midwest. Established In 1985, It Has Become An Appraisal Authority For Most Insurance Companies In Illinois.

Chicago Fur Mart Features The Largest Selection Of Designer Mink Coats From Petite To Plus Sizes In The Midwest.

Extra Long Mink Coats With The Length Up To "60" Inches Are Also Available In Many Different Styles, Colors And Combinations.

Choice Selection Of Mink Bomber Jackets And Strollers For Men And Women From Petite To Extra Large Sizes.

We Feature:
  • Christian Dior
  • Anne Klein
  • Nina Ricci
  • Lanvin
  • Mary McFadden
  • Saga Mink
  • Blackglama
  • American Legend

  • Choice Selection Of Colors And Styles
    Including Mink, Beaver, Raccoon, Fox And
    Chinchilla At Wholesale Prices.

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